Chandler Energy Resources

Cameron D. Chandler is the Owner and President of Chandler Energy Resources, LLC, an oil and gas asset management due diligence consulting firm specializing in exploration and production business matters. With a Dallas area base of operations, Chandler assists energy industry clients in the areas of petroleum land management, along with wellhead production and midstream/downstream sales, marketing and value chain optimization.

After receiving his Bachelor of Business Administration in Petroleum Land Management from The University of Texas at Austin in 1983, Cameron Chandler began his career as a landman for Texas Oil & Gas Corp. in Midland, Texas. Later relocating to the Company’s Dallas headquarters, Cameron transferred to an affiliated natural gas pipeline and marketing company, Delhi Gas Pipeline Corporation. With the move occurring in concert with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s deregulation of the U.S. natural gas industry, Cameron was provided the opportunity to expand his energy industry horizons into the newly accessible arena of natural gas trading and marketing. While building on a background of petroleum land management, in combination with oil and gas production sales and marketing, Cameron Chandler worked in several public and private ventures, including Regal Petroleum/Commercial Gas Corporation, Aurora Natural Gas, Inc., Corpus Christi Natural Gas, Inc., Coquest Energy Services, Inc., and Energy Transfer Company.

Cameron Chandler’s objective of creating a targeted oil and gas business consulting operation took shape in the formation of his company in 2005. Formally incorporated in 2011, Chandler Energy Resources, LLC’s mission is to help its clients excel through increased efficiencies within the various business disciplines of exploration, production, and energy resource marketing.

Cameron Chandler currently serves on the McCombs School of Business BBA Alumni Advisory Board at The University of Texas at Austin, where he also serves as Guest Instructor/Lecturer/Mentor in The Undergraduate Energy Management Program, as well as the Masters of Business Administration and Master of Science Finance Programs.

It's my pleasure to highly recommend Cameron Chandler as a subject matter expert, leader, person of high character, focused individual, team player, and overall pleasure to work with. Cameron and I met about a year ago and have had extensive interaction connected with his direct involvement with one of the largest clients of McCombs Texas Executive Education. ~February 28, 2012

Bill Fleming
Director, MBA Employer Relations, The University of Texas at Austin